— a Sacred Sojourn  1 (Feb 2019) — 

     In the pre-dawn dusk, the pilgrims arrive. After crossing the narrow bridge that spans the Salinadi River, they enter the inner sanctum at the temple complex. Although the moon is full, the mist from the river hides its cool brilliance. About 200 women devotees gather around fires in the inner sanctum, absorbing its warmth before taking their first holy bath in the cold Himalayan stream.
     "A Sacred Sojourn” is an intimate, handcrafted photography tour/workshop that will take you into the heart of Nepal’s spiritual landscape and culture. It’s an authentic journey where you, the photographer, will explore and intimately experience the religious traditions that have survived for thousands of years. In addition to having a unique cultural experience, photographers will learn photography techniques (basic to advanced, depending on individual needs) that will develop their photographic abilities and personal vision.
     The educational component of this photography tour consists of review/critique sessions, workshops: 2 – 3 special sessions & daily “in the field” sessions, as well as a cultural guide who provides background & historical information about specific cultural events, locations and Nepal’s diverse ethnic groups. Since the tour is limited to 5 – 7 photographers, each photographer will receive at least 2 half-days of personalized instruction from Mick in the field.

Tour Length: 14 days

Feb 2 - 16, 2019

Location: Nepal

Bodhnath, Kathmandu Valley, Bandipur, Annapurna foothills

Tour Price: $4,680

$1,000 USD deposit to reserve your spot.