Off Beat Photography Workshops & Tours is totally committed to providing a professional photographic education and a culturally enriching tour that benefits both the traveller and the local people of the host country. The tourism we promote is designed to lessen the ecological impact on an environment and maximize sustainable human development and social equality within it.

     Since all tour arrangements are made through Mick’s personal contacts, there are no intermediary brokerage charges added to the tour cost. Every tour fee is for direct costs, without a tour broker’s fee. The service provider in the host country receives the full remuneration for the services they provide. Your cost for a tour service is exactly the cost for the provided services; the local people receive exactly the cost you are charged. It is this type of tourism model that we adhere to; not only does it reduce the overall costs of the tour, but it also enhances the welfare of the local people and helps to protect their natural and cultural heritage.