Travel photography is more than capturing iconic locations of a destination or award-winning portraits of a culture. It’s about leaving some things behind and going beyond your “comfort zone” — pushing to the edge of what is known and familiar to you. It’s about discovering again your child-like curiosity, meeting new people, new places, new experiences, and finding your new self with a new photographic vision. It’s about embracing this vision to help you create amazing travel or documentary photographs. Sounds a bit daunting? No worries!


We have found that a small-group size ensures that there is plenty of time for one-to-one instruction from Mick, and that this instruction is personalised to your specific needs. Each photographer receives equal attention from him, learning photographic techniques (basic to advanced, depending on individual needs) and how to push yourself beyond your “comfort zone.” It is this kind of hands-on tuition that will help you navigate through the process of finding your own personal vision and successfully make images that truly capture the essence of a culture.