Our Credo

We believe that every person is important, unique, and has something valuable to contribute to the world. We believe that the vast archive of knowledge, expertise and imagination that makes up the complexity and diversity of cultures throughout the world needs to be preserved and shared. We believe if people show a genuine interest in their neighbor’s customs and beliefs we can create and sustain an intercultural dialogue that will help protect our planet’s diversity and promote peace among the many cultures that share this small world with us.

At Off Beat Photography Workshops & Tours we take you on a handcrafted personal journey into the heart of a culture’s diverse landscape and customs. We take you to unique unspoiled locations that are off-the-beaten tourist path where timeless traditions endure within extraordinary landscapes. We give you the once-in-a-lifetime encounter with some of the most diverse people on our planet. We show you how to turn these incredible life-changing experiences into moments that capture the true essence of a culture, its sense of place in the world.

Off Beat Photography Workshops & Tours just happens to create some of the best photographic tours in Asia. The tours Mick has personally created are culturally enriching, benefiting both the traveller and the local people of the host country. They evolved from Mick’s own travels through Asia over the past 25 years as a photojournalist and researcher. They are a manifestation of his personal belief that encounters with remote ethnic groups should be about lessening the impact on an environment and maximizing sustainable human development and social equality within it.

The photographic tuition is topnotch, from a professional photographer who has won many international awards and has been immersed in his craft for more than 30 years. The tours give you amazing photographic opportunities that are out of this world, with moments and adventures that are magical. Join us and learn for yourself why Off Beat Photography Workshops & Tours is the perfect fit for your photographic adventures in Asia.