Actually, we have always specialized in small-group tours (a maximum of 7 photographers) so you get the feeling you’re exploring a destination independently and the interactions with the local culture are really intimate — an essential ingredient of high-quality photography. However now, it’s especially important due to the impact the Covid-19 pandemic has had on the world and what it has taught us about safe and responsible travel. Having small group tours makes it easy to adopt the health and hygiene standardised protocols recommended by the World Health Organization for international travel, and to make your safety and wellbeing our priority.

From a photographic perspective we’ve found that a small group helps us to easily slip into environments where we can capture the essence of an authentic, living moment — whether it’s an overview of an out-of-the-way market or an insightful portrait of a village elder in their home. Travelling in a small group makes it easier to create genuine connections with the locals and discover authentic experiences that go far beyond the beaten path, enabling you to make incredible images of the culture you are visiting.

Private Tailor-made Tours — You may also choose a private tour with your own participants, our dates or your own, and adapt one of our pre-designed tours to your own personalized photographic journey. Find out how to start your private group tour HERE.


Nepalese women sitting in a circle during their morning fasting rituals