COVID-19 & Responsible Travel: We are excited to inform you that most of our tours will resume operation this year, 2022. However, to keep everyone, including our hosts and clients, safe and healthy — as well as streamlining the process of acquiring destination venues and accommodations — we are asking that all workshop participants be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Please be able to show verifiable documentation of your latest vaccination. - Welcome to the Post-Covid-19 Era!

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4 Gurung village girls dancing.

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Tours Portfolio for 2022 - 2023

Inside Nepal

 “Inside Nepal” is an intimate, handcrafted photography tour/workshop that will take you into the heart of Nepal’s diverse landscape and culture. It’s an authentic journey where you, the photographer, will explore and intimately experience its culture and traditions that have survived for thousands of years.

A light rain falls as Durga Beekae maneuvers his oxen through the fallow land, preparing it for the seasonal sowing of wheat or rice.
Traditional Padaung weaver in Kayan, Myanmar.

the  magic of myanmar

 “The Magic of Myanmar” is an exclusive tailor-made photography tour that will show you some of the hidden realms of Myanmar and its unique timeless traditions. The locations have been carefully selected to provide you with a wide variety of extraordinary photographic opportunities — including landscape photography, street photography, environmental/cultural portraiture, both spontaneous and planned photographic sessions in the homes of local tribal villagers.

a sacred sojourn

Imagine an asia tour that consistently gets you and your camera into the soul of an unforgetable moment —

In the pre-dawn dusk, the pilgrims arrive. About 200 women devotees gather around fires in the inner sanctum, absorbing its warmth before taking their first holy bath in the cold Himalayan stream.

"A Sacred Sojourn" leads you into Nepal's spiritual landscape — timeless replications of rituals that young and old Hindus breathe fresh life into.

Hindu women in a circle completing the morning rituals for Swasthani Festival in Nepal.

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