— Japan's Ancient Myth Road (Dec 2024) —

As the sword is drawn from the water, drops form on its edge, and when the gods, Izanami and Izanagi, sweep the blade through the sky these drops fall back into the ocean, forming the mystical islands of Japan.
The historical roots of the Japanese people lie in the myths and legends that began more than a thousand years ago. These ancient traditions are still evident today and a significant part of modern Japan’s ethos and imagination.
By traversing the ancient myth road on Kyushu Island, you will visit the places where the myths originated and discover the soul of Japan as well as the hidden realms of its culture that few tourists experience.

Tour Length: 6 days

Dec 10 - 15, 2024

Location: Japan

Kyushu Island, Takachiho, Shiiba, Nishmera, Udo

Tour Price: $2,450

$500 USD deposit to reserve your spot.