— The Magic of Myanmar (Nov 2024) —

Imagine immersing yourself in a mysterious, spectacular landscape of a thousand ancient temples — still mostly undiscovered by mass tourism, or encountering diverse cultural traditions that are unmarred by modern influences, or experiencing the mystical, rhythmic sway of saffron-robed monks crossing a 1.2 km teak footbridge at sunset, or drifting through floating markets with villages of stilt-houses and floating gardens, or plunging into the jungle to off-the-beaten-path locations where tribal life and its customs remain the same as their ancestors’ before them. Imagine joining this extraordinary journey that you will never forget, that will change your life and the way you see. Then imagine joining us as we explore the breath-taking beauty of a land, steeped in ancient traditions, with graceful, gentle people, diverse customs and a safe environment. Imagine joining us as we discover the Magic of Myanmar!

“The Magic of Myanmar” is an intimate, handcrafted photography tour/workshop that will take you into the heart of Myanmar’s diverse landscape and culture. It’s an authentic journey where you, the photographer, will explore and intimately experience its culture and traditions that have survived for thousands of years. The locations have been carefully selected to provide you with a wide variety of extraordinary photographic opportunities — including landscape photography, street photography, environmental/cultural portraiture, and both spontaneous and planned photographic sessions in the homes of local tribal women. In addition to having a unique cultural experience, you will receive daily photographic instruction from Mick, learning techniques (basic to advanced — tailored to individual needs) that will develop your photographic abilities and personal vision. If you value adventure, opportunities of discovery, the thrill of the unknown, and incredible life-changing photographic experiences, then join Mick on this amazing cultural and photographic adventure that you will never forget!

Main Tour: 11 days

To Be Announced...

Extension: 4 days

To Be Announced...

Location: Myanmar

Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan, Kalaw, Inle Lake, Loikaw

Total Price: $4,750 (includes Extension)

$500 USD deposit to reserve your spot.