Come See the World with Us

MICK STETSON is an awarding winning, internationally acclaimed photojournalist and professional educator who has been living in Asia since 1997. Mick operates Off Beat Photography Workshops & Tours which are intimate, handcrafted photographic tours/workshops in Asia that will take you into the heart of a culture’s diverse landscape and customs. The photography tours are authentic journeys where you, the photographer, will explore and intimately experience ethnographic traditions that have survived for thousands of years. In addition to having a unique cultural experience, photographers will learn techniques (either basic or advanced, depending on your current level) that will develop your photographic abilities and personal vision.

Off Beat Photography Workshops & Tours is totally committed to providing a professional photography education and a culturally enriching tour that benefits both the traveller and the local people of the host country. The tourism we promote is designed to lessen the ecological impact on an environment and maximize sustainable human development and social equality within it.

The Educational Component of the tours consists of Idea Sessions (review/critique/suggest), workshops: 2 - 3 special sessions & daily "in the field" sessions, as well as a cultural guide (a legendary local) who provides background & historical information about specific cultural events, locations and a country's unique/diverse ethnic heritage. Since the tour is limited to 5 - 7 photographers, each photographer will receive at least 2 half-days of personalized instruction from Mick in the field.