Private Photography Tours

Why take a private tour?

Since Covid-19 has swept across the world, the ways of travelling, especially internationally, have changed dramatically. Trips that put you in close proximity to strangers you just met, run the risk of creating unavoidable health issues and safety hazards that we never thought of in the pre-pandemic era. Previously, a private photo tour was a luxury that most people could not afford to take, yet today it appears to be the new "norm" for ensuring a safe and healthy travel experience — a luxury we can't afford not to take.

At Off Beat Photography Workshops & Tours we are still taking you on handcrafted personal journeys into the heart of a culture’s diverse landscape and customs, but we are adding the option of Private Tours for serious solo photographers and private groups.

These exclusive tours cater to a wide range of photographic interests and expertise, and are especially suited for the professional, semi-professional and advanced amateur photographers. The Private Tours are extraordinarily flexible, hand-crafted to each photographer’s needs, manner of working, and budget. Private Tours provide a seamless photographic adventure beyond your expectations.

At this time, Off Beat Photography Workshops & Tours is offering two kinds of private tours: Solo/Semi-solo and On-location. Discover the exclusive features of these highly specialized tours. Learn why they are imperative for photographers who are serious about their passion and are looking for singular intimate moments for capturing portfolio or exhibition-quality images.

Landscape of a lake at the foot of the Sand Mountains in the Kashgar Oasis.
Uyghur mother holding her baby in an open market.

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