P r i v a t e   T a i l o r e d - m a d e    T o u r s

— On-Location Workshops —


Have you ever dreamed of getting to that amazing, exotic photographic location, but you didn’t know where to begin? Or you are in an exotic location, but all that you can see or discover is on the usual tourist circuit? “On-Location Workshops” will introduce you to places and situations that are off the beaten tourist circuit. It will also give you expert photographic instruction with authentic experiences that will help you change the way you see and discover the hidden realms of a culture or environment that few tourists experience.

Tailor-made Workshops vs. Tours

Unlike the Solo/Semi-Solo Tours, which focus on private tours, the On-Location Workshops are the focal point, not the tour. However, a mini tour may be necessary to more efficiently and effectively demonstrate a workshop technique. The tour would be serendipitous, not planned in advance, mainly improvised, based on the type of workshop you would like from Mick.

You can think of the On-Location Workshops as short meet-ups — 2 to 8 hours or 1 to 3 days at the most. The times and locations are derived by where you and Mick are visiting at the same time.

Discover the Benefits

  • Discover amazing exotic photographic locations;
  • Access a great resource for some of the best photographic locations in Asia;
  • Receive expert advice on photographic techniques;
  • Participate in 1-2 day workshops in locations where you & Mick are visiting at the same time;
  • Receive the benefit of more than 20 years of knowledge for planning productive photographic trips.

Who may participate?

Ideally the On-Location Workshops are best for solo travellers or a very small group of no more than 5 persons. All this depends greatly on how much time you would like Mick to spend with you. We can make suggestions based on our experience of what works best, but the final choice is yours.

Workshop Length: 2 – 8 hours or 1 – 3 days

Times and locations are your choice.

Locations: Asia

China's Silk Road, India, Japan, Myanmar, Nepal, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam

Workshop Price: Varies

Prices vary according to selected budget, workshop length and location.