P r i v a t e   T a i l o r e d - m a d e    T o u r s

— Solo/Semi-solo Tours —

Solo/Semi-solo Itineraries

These exclusive Private Tours may follow (1) a pre-designed itinerary, (2) an adapted, personalized existing itinerary or (3) a completely customized itinerary that focuses on your personal preferences and photographic objectives. The Tailored-made tours, especially for independent solo photographers, can be even more immersive than our existing tours. The choice is yours!

Solo vs. Semi-solo

Solo means you are an independent traveller, and Mick is your fixer/guide.  The itinerary is a basic plan that can be modified in the field to fit a newly, unplanned event or inspiration. The solo traveller is like a jazz musician, adapting the itinerary at any time during the tour to suit their own needs or imagination. Semi-solo is where you recruit your own fellow photographers and Mick guides your hand-picked group through your hand-tailored itinerary. The itinerary can be modified in the field as in a Solo tour, but your group will have to decide collectively and Mick will follow the group’s preference.

Slow Travel—prioritizing quality over quantity

All Off Beat Tours are designed as Slow Travel experiences, but with Private Tours you have even more control. You can set your own pace as quickly or as slowly as you need — whatever is necessary for you to discover and embrace the moments that will render exhibition-quality images.

Travel Preferences —general tours, theme tours

Private Tours can be slightly modified from a pre-designed Off Beat Tour or they can be tailored-made to fit a theme you are pursuing photographically. These tours can take you farther off the beaten path where you can explore hidden realms of a culture and become immersed in timeless cultural traditions. Tell us your travel preferences and we will design a photographic journey that will reach far beyond your expectations.

Tour Length: 3 days to 30 days

Our dates or yours — you choose when you'd like to begin your tour.

Locations: Asia

China's Silk Road, India, Japan, Myanmar, Nepal, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam

Tour Price: Varies

Prices vary according to selected budget, tour length and location.